Golf balls are designed to create distance, feel and spin and fall into two main categories: distance and performance balls. They are made with dimples or indentations in the surface of the ball that help create lift and combat drag, keeping the ball in the air longer. Golf balls are hand inspected one at a time under fluorescent lights, each ball is individually inspected to ensure they are as free of marks, scratches and wear as humanly possible and are packaged in 4 sleeves containing 3 balls each.

The ball

Today’s golf balls have progressed to titanium composite cores, hybrid materials, softer covers and a more pressurized core. Mint, AAA, AAAA, 4A, 5 Star and Like New are just a few of the names associated with the highest quality seasoned golf balls on the market. Golf balls also come in different colors, which helps you find the ball when it’s lost or distinguish your ball from other players’ balls. Recreational balls, which are considerably cheaper, are geared toward the average golfer, who generally has low swing speeds (80 miles per hour or less) and easily loses golf balls on the course. Golf balls in mint condition have a uniform color, a brilliant shine and perform as if they were ready to play. Used Golf Balls’ Mint quality recycled golf balls are the best available and are the choice of many golfers, regardless of skill level. Many golfers wash their golf balls manually, but unsurprisingly, mechanical ball washers are also available.

The brand

As an aspiring golfer, you’ll notice that buying brand-name “new” balls can be quite expensive, especially when you’ll lose so many of them in the water hazards and deep roughs that surround every golf course. X-Outs are branded golf balls that have been stamped with that mark, usually with a row of X’s, due to imperfections in the ball. Value Category Balls “Value” golf balls are those brand name balls that are marketed at lower prices, generally under $20 per dozen. For absolute beginners who don’t want used, refurbished or x-out balls, but want brand new balls, Value Balls are the one to go for. From Titleist PRO V 1 and NXT Tour to Callaway HX Red and Nike Tour, Used Golf Balls has a wide range of brand name golf balls to choose from. Any big sporting goods store like Sports Authority or their online store will sell brand new golf balls. If you already have a strong business presence, branded golf balls are the ideal advertising and promotional option. Also. Custom Printed Logo Golf Balls are perfect as gifts, souvenirs and keepsakes, incentives, promotions, fundraisers or any other event, function or special occasion.

In short, golf balls are some of the most researched and advanced pieces of sports equipment today. Like golf clubs, golf balls are subject to testing and approval by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association, and those that do not conform to standards may not be used in competitions (Rule 5-1) . As you may have guessed, the best golf balls are a personal opinion.

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