A common misunderstanding about the male chastity lifestyle it’s just about two things: sex and submission. And while this may be the main concern for some people, in my experience, both in my own life and with the men and women I have talked to about this, the truth is usually something different. There is no doubt that most relationships, when established in the thick of real, mundane life, experience a marked reduction in sexual activity, both in terms of frequency and duration. What’s more, our sheer, naked lust tends to wane, so unless we make a concerted effort to make it otherwise, we generally become less adventurous as well. In some couples, sex becomes reality, in the words of many women, “chore“.


Now, it would be a mistake to think that simply having more sex is the answer. It can be, no doubt, but even this is more difficult than it seems. Having hot sex, breaking the bed, and breaking the mattress when you are “forcing” yourself to do so in hopes of lacing your boots is no easy task. And this is where the male chastity lifestyle can make a real difference, though not necessarily just for the reasons you might think. It is true that your man is going to be more horny because he has fewer orgasms. Not only that, but because he has to please you in other ways, he’s going to be even hornier than he would be if he was just deprived of his orgasms (you won’t believe how aroused your man will get when he’s pleasing you with his tongue. , and the knowledge that her own orgasm is not at stake is foremost in her mind).

But true benefit and the reason you hear all the stories about how loving, caring, and lustful your man becomes are the emotions he arouses in both of you. You see, what you are doing, among other things, is regaining the intimacy of the early days. That, in turn, increases all those delicious emotions: love, attraction, warmth, fun, and everything in between.


The second part of the common misunderstanding is submission. Not all men become submissive when they adopt the lifestyle of male chastity. Some do, of course, and some women like that. But in my experience, again, most men don’t like it, which is good because most women don’t. What make as a considerate, trusting, loving, caring and caring man, but without being weak, annoying and like a big and spoiled child. The most unattractive, right, girls?

Now, a woman’s emotions tend to be more complex than a man’s. And when you first adopt the male chastity lifestyle, they can be very fragile and changeable because you’re not quite sure what to expect. On the one hand, you may be nervous: despite reading this article, despite the guarantees of your partner, you are yet I’m not sure it’s not a little … weird. Let’s be honest. Everything is new to you, from what you know, it means a massive change, and you are not 100% sure where the lifestyle of male chastity will take you both.

However, there is the sheer power of your femininity!

Yes, that surge of power. The same one you got when you realized the power of the little black dress when you somehow passed in front of men who couldn’t take their eyes off you … well, it’s like that again. When you have your man in such a state, he does not recognize his up from his down and he is begging and pleading that you allow him to have an orgasm, and you know he will not get angry or moody when you say “NOT!“Because it’s something that he begged you to do, soon You feel that rush of power

And you can feel a little guilty, a little naughty, like you’ve done something you shouldn’t, like you’re enjoying something exquisitely “naughty” that no “good girl” would ever dream of. You can’t stop that feeling from sneaking up on you, but you can decide what to do about it, how to react. And the best way to react?

Enjoy it. Delight in it.

Because this surge of heat and excitement is one of the main unspoken benefits of the male chastity lifestyle … and once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back to the old way of life ever again … and neither will you. man.

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