Flowers are wonderful to plant for experience and money, but they have the added benefit of being gifts that you can give to friends or use to decorate your farm. When you harvest your flowers, you have the opportunity to receive a “perfect bouquet” of flowers. You will see a text alert about your farmer when he harvests a perfect flower bouquet.

You can post your perfect bunches on your wall / wall, similar to solitary animals for adoption food on your friends wall. Your friends can click and receive your flower bouquet as decoration for their farm. If you receive a perfect bouquet by clicking on the published friends feed, the flowers will be in your gift box. Once you place the flowers on your farm, they will only last two weeks.

To store perfect bunches, you will need to purchase a garden shed. A garden shed can store up to 30 perfect bouquets of flowers. You can buy a garden shed at FarmVille on the market for 30,000 coins and ten neighbors, or 30 Farm Cash. Once you have one, your Perfect Bunches will automatically be stored.

Share flowers with your friends or decorate your farm by opening your Shed, select the amount of Perfect Bunches you would like to share; up to 5 of any type of flower. A pop-up window will open allowing you to place the five flowers on your wall / feed. For your own farm, you can select the perfect bunches for the garden shed decorating your farm. Once you place the flowers on your farm, they will only last two weeks and you won’t be able to put them back in the garden shed.

FarmVille offers a variety of flower seeds on the market. As you level up, you can unlock more types of flowers to plant. The flowers for levels under 30 are; sunflowers, daffodils, snowdrops, red tulips and pink roses. Flowers add spectacular colors to your farm.

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