June 16, 2024

Pilates Classes For Children

Yes. We offer bespoke kids and teens Pilates sessions on an individual basis. Pilates is the perfect workout for kids and teens because it corrects imbalances in posture, strengthens the core and develops better balance and coordination. Pilates can also help address issues such as scoliosis, kyphosis and hypotonia. Kids and teens that regularly do Pilates will carry these healthy postural habits into adulthood.

We have a fully equipped studio with state of the art Balanced Body equipment including two reformers, full trapeze table, wunda chair and ladder barrel. We run small group Pilates class East Sheen and Richmond and also private / semi-private (one on one with instructor) bespoke Pilates equipment sessions for all levels of ability.

Pilates Magic is a boutique fitness studio located in Sheen. Ellen is the owner and a qualified physiotherapist with over 25 years experience in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation. Ellen offers a clinical approach to Pilates and has extensive knowledge in managing complex rehabilitation needs such as joint hyper-mobility, arthritis, back pain and pre and post natal care.

Pilates Classes For Children in East Sheen

Studio Pilates is a high energy class that uses a combination of matwork exercises with auxiliary equipment (balls, dynabands etc) to work the whole body in a fun and energising way. The Pilates Goals classes focus on those areas that can use a bit more love and attention, lifting the booty and toning your arms. The Pilates Barre class is a fusion of pilates and ballet that will tone the whole body with targeted bursts to the core, arms and booty.

Pilates classes for children in East Sheen offer a unique and beneficial form of physical activity tailored specifically to the needs of young individuals. These classes, designed to introduce children to the principles of Pilates, provide a holistic approach to fitness, focusing on strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture. Located in the vibrant community of East Sheen, these classes cater to children of various ages and skill levels, fostering a supportive environment where they can learn and grow.

One of the key benefits of Pilates for children is its emphasis on body awareness and mindfulness. Through a series of controlled movements and exercises, children develop a deeper understanding of their bodies, learning how to engage different muscle groups and improve their overall physical awareness. This not only helps in preventing injuries but also enhances their performance in other sports and activities.

Moreover, Pilates promotes good posture from an early age, which is crucial for the growing bodies of children. By strengthening the core muscles and promoting proper alignment, Pilates helps children maintain a healthy posture as they grow, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues later in life.

In addition to physical benefits, Pilates also contributes to mental well-being. The focus required during Pilates sessions encourages children to be present in the moment, fostering concentration and mindfulness. This can be particularly beneficial for children in East Sheen who may be facing academic pressures or stressors in their daily lives.

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