Atomstack Rotating Roller

If you’re looking for a laser engraving machine that can handle irregularly-shaped objects, then the Atomstack rotating roller might be a good option. This rotary laser accessory is able to engrave rings, spherical objects, cups with handles, and more. It can also create intricate designs on surfaces such as glass and wood. It comes with an adjusting knob to adjust the depth of engraving and can engrave items with a diameter up to 4mm.

The rotating roller attachment can be used with any Atomstack frame machine. It is compatible with both the Lightburn and LaserGRBL software programs, making it easy to use. You can even connect it to your laptop via USB so that you can run your jobs on a different computer.

It features a diode laser module that is capable of producing high power output at low energy consumption. This laser has a small spot size, which allows it to achieve higher resolution and better focusing. It is also much more durable than traditional CO2 lasers, which can lose their focus after a certain number of hours of use.

Can the Atomstack Rotating Roller Handle Irregularly Shaped Objects?

It uses a NEMA 17 stepper motor to control the X and Y-axis of the machine. This ensures a precise movement and accuracy of the work area. The machine also has limit switches to prevent it from going outside its preset limits.

Besides its sturdiness and speed, the Atomstack laser engraver has many other impressive qualities. It has a fixed focus lens that eliminates the need to manually adjust it, which results in improved consistency and reduces user error. It can also be used to cut a wide range of materials, including stainless steel and ceramics. Its high-powered diode laser is able to quickly and easily cut wood and acrylic sheets.

Aside from its impressive specifications, the Atomstack X7 is also affordable. It is available on Amazon for just $499, which makes it an excellent choice for laser enthusiasts who are looking for a professional-grade machine.

The X7 comes with a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need to get started. It comes with a set of wood and acrylic sheets for testing, as well as a tool kit, brush, dust-free cloth, wire tie, and a fixed focus film. You can also purchase additional kits to increase the work area height or add an air assist pump.

In addition to the rotary laser, Atomstack also offers upgrades for their X7 model, including a honeycomb working table, air assist pump, and tower extension. The honeycomb working table helps in reducing heat dissipation during engraving, while the air assist pump can help keep the cutting surface cool and prevent burns.

Lastly, the tower extension can be purchased separately to increase the height of your machine. This will allow you to engrave larger pieces and improve your overall workflow. The product is backed by a one-year warranty and is shipped with all the necessary tools and parts. In case you encounter any problems with the product, you can contact the company through email or WhatsApp.

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