The kitchen is probably one of the most difficult areas of the house to tidy up and organize because it is one of the most used and has the most items. The key to a successful cleaning is organization. And think how much it will be worth: don’t you want to go into a clean and tidy kitchen? You will be more inspired to cook and prepare more meals!

Rule #1: Show only the items you use the most

It’s impractical to visit cabinets and drawers just to make a cup of coffee, while you have plenty of rarely used items sitting on your counter. To make your kitchen work for you and not the other way around, store infrequently used items in cabinets/drawers (if you don’t use them, throw them away) and only take out items you use regularly.

Rule #2 – Get rid of your spare parts

Why do you have cutlery for a family of 15? Do you really need 12 cups when there are only 4 of you at home? How come you have 5 pans when you clearly only use your favourite? Think about how many plates, glasses, cutlery, etc. you have that nobody really uses and they are just taking up space in your kitchen.

Realistically, you only need one of each per family member, plus a few spares (for visitors and in case of breakage). Of course, there’s also that special outfit that you only wear on special occasions and there’s nothing wrong with that. But other than that, get rid of the parts you don’t really use.

If you must keep spares (for parties or whatever), put them in a storage box and store them in the attic. You can also choose to use party disposables, which won’t clutter up your kitchen!

Rule #3: Organize food correctly

Speaking of refills, have you experienced buying new spices for a recipe, only to find you have 2 more bottles in the cupboard? To save money, prevent food waste, and get rid of clutter, place food and kitchen items where you can see and access them properly. Display herbs and spices on a shelf, store pastas in jars, and place snacks in one place. Labeling the containers will also go a long way in keeping food organized.

You don’t need to do anything drastic to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free, just practice these golden rules for decluttering your kitchen and you’ll be good to go!

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