Welcome to the world of Facebook game Yoville. This amazing app is developed by Zynga and it is very similar to an amazing and popular game – Sims. I have been playing this game since last 3 months and believe me friends this game is very addictive. In this game, users can make various cartoon images in the virtual world. Through this article, I will discuss some tips and guidelines that will help you get a grip on this game.

Before joining the Yoville Facebook Game, you must have a Facebook account with the Yoville app added. After adding this app, you need to create your avatar, which is a very simple and interesting process. You have to choose your face cut, skin color, eyes, clothes, hairstyle and much more. These are basic steps when creating an avatar and you can improve these things by collecting more coins and making some purchases for your avatar as the game progresses.

The next step in Yoville’s Facebook game is to decorate your home. Each character has a house that has 3 rooms and some basic furniture. You have to place the furniture in the appropriate place. This can be done by clicking ‘edit room’ and it will show you the available drag options. Don’t forget to lock the room and save any changes you have recently made. Some of my friends forgot to lock their rooms and many precious items are lost. As the game progresses you can earn a lot of money and you can buy new floors and rooms. Visiting friends and maintaining a good relationship with neighbors is always recommended in this game. You can also earn quick money by doing this correctly. You can perform various tasks with them like kissing, dancing, fighting, giving gifts, etc. This way you can win good coins known as “coin races”.

Yoville’s Facebook game is all about making money and spending money on yourself and your home. You must also visit the Yoville widget factory from where you can get a chance to win good coins. You get to work for a few hours in a day and through this you can earn a lot of coins. To increase your earnings, you need to invite more and more friends to work with you. This is a simple version of the referral system where you will earn good money if you invite more people to work. As you jump from level to level, you will see many new options available to you. At a higher level, you will have the option to select between earning coins and earning a gift. When making the final decision, keep an eye on the level of your coin. If you have enough coins then look for gifts. Through your earnings, you can buy clothes for your avatar, furniture for your home, etc. You can also spend your money on motorcycle racing and gambling (which is not recommended by me). Every Facebook user should try the Facebook game Yoville at least once.

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