Zinc countertops add a unique “old world” quality to any kitchen. Some people find them difficult to maintain, but with proper care, they can be a great addition to the home. As long as the homeowner fully understands what to expect from a zinc countertop, it can be quite charming.

First of all, it is important to know the characteristics that make zinc special. Zinc is a soft metal that reacts with anything you put on it. This means it can easily get dented or scratched. It also changes the color of foods that are very acidic, like lemons or tomatoes. Even fingerprints can appear permanently on the zinc surface. All of these features can be part of the appeal when looking for rustic countertops for a kitchen.

Zinc is found naturally in the earth and in the human body. Therefore, it is part of the green building movement because it does not pollute the environment in the same way that synthetic or man-made countertops do when they are manufactured. Also, the metal used to make zinc countertops can be reused (zinc in this form can last over 100 years), making them an efficient material and reducing waste.

Over time, zinc takes on a unique texture and appearance. Zinc countertops will start to look like pewter, but will naturally develop a dull bluish-gray color as they tarnish. This film on the zinc surface is called a patina. Believe it or not, the value of an object increases when it is patinated because it is a sign of aging and adds to the charm of the object, in this case a countertop.

This metal has been used for construction purposes for hundreds of years. Zinc roofs, doors and window frames have been used in Europe for centuries due to their durability and beauty. European cathedrals and old buildings are especially known for their use of zinc. Now homeowners can bring the warmth and splendor of this product into their kitchens in the form of countertops.

Whether it’s polished to maintain its original shine, or homeowners let it get painted over time, a zinc countertop can be a great option for the kitchen. They are a refreshing break from the typical granite that is so popular today, but cost about the same price. For a timeless look that will add value to your home, consider installing zinc countertops.

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