The personality of the destroyer

Most of us assume that people are trying to be fair and honest. We don’t even consider whether that new friend we just met is a decent, moral human being because most of us believe in the inherent goodness of man.

However, there are individuals so different from the rest of the population that they may even represent a subspecies of humanity. These people behave most of the time like any normal human being. With one big exception, genuine and sincere feelings towards others are completely absent.

It is almost certain that no one would stop to think if someone has a conscience or not, we trust that all the people around us are like everyone else. However, having a conscience is more important than intelligence, race or gender – and that is what sets these people apart from the rest of us – the terrible nakedness of their psyche.

Whether they are corporate raiders, bloodthirsty tyrants, ruthless social predators, serial killers, or innocent-looking beautiful social butterflies, these individuals have no conscience at all.

In other words, they lack emotions, such as love, kindness, compassion, remorse, and pity. However, they fake and supplant those feelings but theirs are superficial and false.

Of the twelve personalities and attitudes we discuss, *consider and analyze in this series, no one can change this one.

No therapist, doctor, psychologist, wife, lover or mother can change this person. They do not respond to love, therapy, punishment, threats, criticism, blame, or humiliation.

In this person’s subconscious there are no thoughts, images, or inner conversations to remind him of the cost of his behavior. There is only one trigger to remind them of certain rules, although the necessary mindset to recognize the value of those rules is lacking.

On the other hand, for this individual, living is much simpler; it’s about how they live his life and what the cost will be to them. These people exist only to satisfy your needs. It’s as if his world is purely one-dimensional with no real emotion or passion to get in the way.

Someone with this personality type uses feeling words and shows various emotions, but never experiences the real deal. Still, they often feign feelings of love or remorse if that’s the right emotion to carry out their goals at the time. On the other hand, no one can hurt his feelings because he doesn’t have any!

They often change character or even appearance when circumstances require it; this is a chameleon in every sense of the word. For example, if they are at a funeral, they will show pain and sadness because that is what they are supposed to do. However, the moment no one is looking, this predator will look around to see what is in it for him or his money, or perhaps to prey on the grieving widow or widower.

They are able to control their harmful desires most of the time, not because of a feeling of being right or wrong, but because it is in accordance with their purpose at the time.

These are the ruthless predators of humanity and the conscious attitude of most swindlers, swindlers, rapists and other predators. Unfortunately, one finds them in all aspects of society; even the highest social classes such as the very rich, celebrities, the government, the military, banking, Wall Street, television, and religion.

Besides, it could also be your lover, friend, co-worker or family member. These people charm, swindle, fake, cheat, and manipulate their way through life.

Someone with this type of personality feels nothing for ruining people’s lives and dreams. They lack sympathy, they are unwilling or unable to acknowledge the damage they do.

Most of them take pleasure in humiliating colleagues, friends, and even close family members in front of everyone.

They will keep doing this until they get the answer they are looking for, or the victim of the abuse is completely miserable. Someone with this personality has no compassion and is a parasite who lives off the misery of others.

Several are cruel; They want nothing better than to see others suffer, but they are the worst cowards imaginable. When something goes wrong, they won’t hesitate to run away or blame others; they often blatantly exaggerate their story to support their behavior.

People with this character can display bullying behaviors from a young age, especially manipulation and deception. Most of the time they have a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ nature that is unpleasant and mean to a few, but charming and good-natured in front of others.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes that this person has a vindictive nature – only the victims of the stalker see both sides. While the Jekyll side is “charismatic” and nice enough to fool some family and friends, the other side, Hyde, the real human being, is cold, despicable, and evil.

One often reads in the newspapers or sees on television the story of an individual with this type of personality. It is usually a devastating revelation for most of your neighbors, colleagues and some family members when the “exposé” appears in the media.
However, this integral member of the community, some “deeply” religious, father and husband, led a double life.

No one could believe that this person had links to prostitutes, drug dealers, gambling and the criminal world. Alternatively, one could find a person with this personality embezzling billions of customers, friends, and even family members.

These individuals manipulate their way through life and leave a permanent mark on both their victims and society. They are destructive men and women: cunning, self-centered, ruthless and terrifying. They make life hell for many people.

His victims often mention the strange dead look inside a psychopath’s eyes, but the most disturbing thing is – having a terrifying feeling – that there is no soul present behind those eyes.

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