Over a period of several years, he had gained a lot of weight in recent years. It’s funny in a weird and sad way that while I was talking to the public about health and a wellness lifestyle, I was doing it while I was significantly overweight. Obviously the message that was REALLY getting to the public was that while I might be a good guy and the message SOUNDED good, I didn’t believe what I was preaching or at least didn’t fully live it.

Like most people, one day I reached a point where I had to honestly face the man in the mirror and say “Enough!” We all get to that point at different times and under different circumstances. Sometimes it can be weight or other health issues, financial issues, or even personal or spiritual issues. But we all have (or will have) those moments.

So one day, I picked one of those infomercials that I KNEW was more rational and scientific than the others and got down to business. I am happy to tell you that, so far, I have lost 35 pounds! Now, I still have a little more to lose, but it’s coming off almost effortlessly. Perhaps the difference this time is that my resolution is not so much to lose weight but to LIVE as I want to live in my 80s and 90s, active and healthy.

One of the things I enjoy is getting back to exercising. There is something special about the FEELING of the muscles under the skin. Maybe it’s a boy thing. But, it gives you a feeling of power. And that sense of power affects the way you approach all other aspects of your life. The other thing I really enjoy about this show is that it is neither hungry, fad, nor unrealistic. It is a reasonable eating plan that encourages you to simply eat what you like that is GOOD for you and avoid what is NOT. Oh yeah, the program also encourages you to do a simple resistance exercise routine that you can do at home or at work. It’s the muscle gain that burns those calories 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

One of the things that I am learning through this journey is that losing weight can be simple and is achievable. The hardest part is just getting started. Once up and running, the challenge is concentrating on what your goal is while trying not to think about what you are sacrificing. By changing your lifestyle instead of trying another diet, you can change your life.

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