June 17, 2024

Puerto del Carmen is the most visited seaside resort on the island of Lanzarote. With beautiful scenery, good clubs or restaurants, it is also a great place for shopping. Arrecife may be the commercial capital of the island, but what could be cooler than shopping on the main avenue? Along the total 6 km strip in Puerto del Carmen you have all kinds of shops you could have dreamed of.

gift shop

Provided with decorations, Spanish gifts, postcards, sweets and all the typical trinkets, these shops are to everyone’s liking. They are perfect for buying souvenirs or simply buying general clothing for the beach such as hats, creams, towels or swimsuits.

Tobacco, perfume and alcohol stores

You can find perfumes and aftershave lotions in specific shops along the Puerto del Carmen strip. Except some common and unknown brands, you can even find worldwide known brands in one store or another. The negotiation is particular for tobacco and liquor stores, which sell all makes and models of cigarettes, cigars and rolling tobacco.


I’m sure everyone who shops here is hoping to find their designer holiday deal. The Biosfera shopping center is a place where you can walk around and look for things to your liking. Here you can find top brand stores such as Footlocker, Levis, Zara and Mango and also Spanish brands such as Pull and Bear. You can find watches here, even from top brands like Diesel and Lacoste. The Puerto del Carmen strip offers everything one can imagine, from household appliances, everyday stores, banks, all kinds of agents to ice cream parlors and bars, restaurants and nightclubs, in an incredible combination that makes it unique and unforgettable.

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