Technological advancement has forced the mobile phone market to flourish with countless numbers of new models every day. There are new models being released one after another to meet the increasing demands and expectations of the users. In a bid to satisfy its customers, Samsung has also introduced new models, including two new 8.0-megapixel camera phones.

All Samsung mobile phones have good features and looks, and the same goes for their latest models, the Samsung S8300, also known as the Tocco Ultra Edition, and the Samsung M8800, also known as the Pixon phone. These two phones from Samsung are good in looks and functions and yet they have some features that differentiate them from each other so that they can be chosen according to the needs and requirements.

Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition

The Samsung S8300 is a sleek and stylish slider phone with a black anti-scratch metal frame that adds to the look of the phone. The screen of the phone is 2.8 inches with AMOLED screen and 16 million colors that make the images and the screen look bright and vibrant. The screen of Samsung Tocco Ultra is capacitive, which makes the use very easy and fast, since the screen detects the heat of the fingers and works, and it is not necessary to apply pressure on the screen.

In addition to touch input function, the phone also has 3X4 extra keys for your ease and convenience. The multimedia features of the phone are quite good and it includes an 8MP camera with a variety of features like smile capture, photo blogging, face tagging and many others. In addition to still images, the Samsung S8300’s camera is also capable of recording and editing VGA video at 30fps.

Other multimedia features include Touchwiz user interface along with 3D effect and it also has the facility of online widget to have direct link for better browsing experience. The phone has a good music player that supports various formats along with FM radio with RDS.

samsung pixel

The Samsung M8800 is also a good phone that has a wide range of features. Pixon is a candy bar phone with a large 3.2-inch screen. The phone’s TFT touch screen has a pixel resolution of 240 X 400 which makes images look clear and bright. The 256,000 colors on the screen further enhance the images and make them very vibrant. The multimedia features of the phone are good and include the 8MP camera which is simply excellent.

The camera of the Samsung Pixon is very effective and has a quality that can compete with any other independent digital camera. Other features of the phone’s camera include 16x digital zoom, geo-tagging, fast shutter, autofocus, face detection, and many others. There is also a photo browser built into the phone that makes it easy to share and view photos. The internal memory of the Pixon is 200 MB and the external memory is 8 GB, which can be further expanded using the MicroSD card.

Both Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition and Samsung Pixon Phone are attractive phones with high-end features and one should choose based on their needs and requirements.

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