Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, is the most famous modern mystic of our time. This dear Carmelite wrote her autobiography, story of a soul, and captivated the hearts of readers for decades. Santa Teresita has always taken care of me and I am surprised that it has taken so long to acknowledge her presence. Now, I acknowledge her daily as my friend and spiritual guide.

I chose her as my patron saint because I knew her from her picture that hung in Lilly’s house where I spent many happy days growing up. It was that beautiful painting of the little nun in a black habit holding a crucifix and roses that fascinated me. I am convinced that Saint Teresa chose me and that is why I knew how to choose her as my patron saint when I was confirmed at the age of twelve. I never thought much of her growing up, but when I found myself in my darkest hour, she came to me. And it was twenty years later that I recognized her and understood how she had always been there for me.

In my darkest hour a friend told me she had a spirit guide and described her as a dark-haired woman. My friend was psychic and could see this presence with me. I left and went to my office in a state of utter despair and asked this spirit guide for help. At the time, I was holding a pen over a tablet, and to my complete surprise, the pen began to slowly move across the paper.


Those are the words that automatically appeared on my tablet almost twenty years ago during the darkest period of my life.

How many times had I gotten into trouble with my good intentions? The worst was when I married a sociopath after reading There is no cure for them and saying to myself: I’ll fix it!

Oh boy, that was the moment I entered my spiritual trial and my long dark night. A six-year period of convulsive fear and loss of every material item I owned, including my career, home, health; and worse than all that was suffering a separation from my beloved daughter. That was my very long and dark night. It was in this darkness that I found help from my unknown spirit guide, Saint Teresa. She led me unrecognized and I walked out of that dark place and soared to new spiritual heights. The most profound are the words that I heard from God himself, which are inscribed on my heart:

“I am the Father who created you and the Mother who loves you”

And Herself, adding in the voice of my own mother: “Ana, I have always been there for you.”

Ten years later I was living out my Cinderella story with my new husband. It must have been another ten years before I found his book, A story of a soul. I finally recognized her! Towards the end of his book it was written that, while he was dying of tuberculosis and becoming weak, he put down the heavy quill he was using to write his story and picked up a pencil. A pencil indeed!

Like a flash I finally recognized the spirit guide who had moved my pencil. And of course he brought me a message of love becauselove It was Teresa’s vocation. He took a vow on his deathbed that he would “go down and save souls.”

To this day, my beloved saint continues to push my pencil as I write stories about a soul’s journey. The latter is a mystical achievement as St. Therese brings her continuing story of a soul’s journey into the pages of my book in one extraordinary adventure. Anne Urne travels the world with her cousin and describes the wonderful presence and help of the saints who come to her aid. You will marvel at the spiritual messages conveyed to her as she communicates with the saints and learn that just as Saint Teresa always believed, heaven can be found on earth and there can be communion with the saints. A truly inspiring message that only saints could bring and a tribute to the devotion and hard work of the dedicated nuns who are responsible for bringing us the greatest spiritual classics.

Miracles are recorded and saints deliver their spiritual messages in this book inspired by the most famous mystical saint of all time. The saints are present and watching over us and willing to help if we seek them out for help and advice. Learn to be aware of their presence and accept their help.

The best surprise of all with this book was the recognition of Mother Agnes, sister of Saint Therese and editor of her autobiography, story of a soul. Sister Agnes was probably the most successful editor, publisher, publicist and marketing guru who ever sold so many millions of her book on Therese; a book that today has been revised to the true version, but continues to be read by millions of spiritual seekers, more than 100 years after Therese’s death on September 30, 1897.

With humility and honor I welcome the addition of this most honorable sister and editor and I look forward to great things for books inspired by St. Teresa.

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