Can’t find a suitable life partner at home? Would you like to meet 500-2000 single women in 7-10 days? Do you have a valid passport? Well here is your chance! Coco Swan takes a look at singles tours and tells you the details.

In 1999, a US Immigration and Naturalization Service report to Congress estimated that more than 200 US-based companies matched 4,000 to 6,000 American men with foreign women seeking marriage. This number had doubled in 2004.

A romance tour is a vacation outside of the United States where you are provided with a guide and interpreter, if needed, with the ultimate goal of meeting foreign women interested in marrying outside of their home country.

Most tour groups average 25-40 men, so there isn’t too much competition, but enough men that the ladies want to attend the performances. Tours seem to average 7-10 nights depending on your destination, with some as long as 45 nights.

Reputed romance travel companies will escort you from a gateway city to your destination. They will also meet you at your destination airport, help with check-in, and provide local tours. All ethical companies will have offices open all year round in the city they are going to. Once you’ve signed up for a romantic vacation site, you should be given addresses and profiles of women before you leave. You should also be able to browse the ladies’ files and request meetings with the ones you like. Included in your vacation package should be a fiancée visa kit with all the relevant information and forms.

The fiancee visa. Make sure you are using a site that is licensed in your part of the States for immigration law and is also licensed to work in the country you are going to. The fiancée visa (K-1) is a nonimmigrant visa that allows a foreign national to enter the US for the purpose of marriage. They are usually only valid for 3 months, during which time a marriage must take place. If the marriage does not take place within this time, no extension of stay will be allowed. There are 4 main service centers to deal with these requests, depending on your place of residence. These are in California, Texas, Vermont and Nebraska. It is now considered impossible for a single foreign girl to enter the United States on a tourist visa and then attempt to stay and get married. So she gets the paperwork right the first time and saves a lot of time, trouble and money. Most reputable companies offer various levels of fiancée visa assistance packages ranging from basic self-described but appropriate, to full bonding with your fiancée and lots of aftercare. Children under 21 seemed to be covered in all packages.

social nights. It seemed that the standard tour provided 2 or 3 social nights on their tour. 3 nights seemed like the norm for Russia and 2 or 3 for Asia, Latin America and the Philippines. These are just averages. It would seem that ethical companies should provide a formula similar to this. Social events must be fully catered for with food, drink and champagne or the like. You should not be expected to pay for the ladies’ food or drink at these particular events. The evening social should take place somewhere like a hotel banquet room or private entertainment complex. You should be able to indicate the ladies you would like to meet here. Anyone you meet that you like, just ask for their phone number. All ladies must be screened at the front door. All ladies should be different on each and every social night. All ladies must be personal guests and not just female guests off the street. Depending on your tour, you should have the chance to meet between 500 and 2000 women.

Most tour packages seemed to include buffet breakfasts. Make sure your tour provides you with a private hotel room that you will not share with another client.

It’s a great idea to bring photos to show your home, family, city, lifestyle, etc.; so that future brides can have a better idea of ​​the life that you will offer them.

Destinations: The most popular destinations, aside from the US, are Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, Thailand and the Philippines. Men from other parts of the world are more than welcome to embark on these US-based tours, though you can probably see if your own host country has sites that offer the same services.

Russia and Ukraine Have at least 20 cities to choose from, including St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Ufa, Kyiv, Odessa, Crimea, Poltava, and Sumy to name just a few. Some of the longer tours incorporate multiple cities into one vacation. To go to Russia, you must have at least 6 months in your passport and you will also need a Russian visa. Among Russian men there is a high mortality rate and a high rate of alcoholism. Due to the poor economy there, wives and families have become unaffordable for many Russian men.

the philippines. Translators are not needed in the Philippines as English is the main language there. Filipino women are often perceived as happy at work. Filipino ladies apparently view the older man as more desirable and stable as a life partner and father.
In the Philippines, it seemed like 3 nights social was the norm. Airport pickups, breakfasts, and 24-hour guidance must be provided. In the Philippines, it would appear that unlimited personal introductions were provided with approximately 15 minutes of staff attendance at the start of each meeting. If after 15 minutes things go well, you usually go to a cafe or restaurant where you are expected to pay for your date. As a general rule, you should get at least one city orientation tour from the company.

Bangkok, Thailand. This is the place to go if you are looking for exciting nightlife. The accommodation I saw being provided on these romantic trips was staggeringly luxurious, far better than any other country I saw. So if nightclubs and chic, sophisticated accommodations are on your vacation wish list, this could be the destination for you. Buffet breakfasts were also included. You should have interpreters, 24-hour staff guidance, 2-3 social nights, a city tour, and a subway tour that shows you how to use the Sky Train. Your hotel should be just minutes from the nightlife. You should be entitled to unlimited submissions as described above. The other benefits of Thailand are the excellent golf courses and the fact that you can have medical and dental procedures done in hospitals for about 90% less than in the state. Imagine, new teeth and a new wife!

San Jose Costa Rica. Jungles, volcanoes, beaches and surf. Not to mention absolutely stunning girls. Apparently the girls are raised in Costa Rica with romantic family oriented cultures. In Costa Rica, you should be entitled to 2 social nights, unlimited personal introductions, interpreters, airport pickup, and breakfast.

Columbia. Medellín, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Manizales stood out as places to visit. Once again, dazzling landscapes and even more dazzling girls were heavily featured.

Machu-Picchu, Lima, Peru and Nicaragua are all the other destinations that have opened up to the world of singles travel. Latin American tours provided up to 3 individual performances per day.

Ultimately, you need to decide where you would like to vacation and what style of bride-to-be you are looking for. Career sites have 250,000 registered applicants and up to 20,000 profiles for you to select from. These women are genuinely ready to leave their lives and their countries behind to start a new life with the perfect man. Romance tours have become increasingly popular in the last decade with the opening of the electronic world thanks to the Internet.

Tired of being alone? Take charge of the rest of your life right now! Get a passport, visa and paperwork. Get on a plane. Take a romantic tour. Take home a fiancee – what a vacation memory!

Good luck, Coco Swan.

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