June 16, 2024

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Halloween is, of course, a time for trick-or-treating, and Mom and Dad surely can’t go out begging on the streets for candy, but the holidays can also be a great time to have some complete fun.

If you’re planning an adult Halloween party, you’ll want to keep some adult Halloween games on hand. It’s all part of the fun.

Some capital Halloween games for adults include:

About the city: this is a treasure hunt. All you need to do is make a list of Halloween related items, hand the list over to each team, and post them on your way to collect the items. Some big goals to include on the list include:

The noose of a hanged man

A black veil

An obituary

You probably get the idea. It only includes items that have to do with being scared, ghosts, Halloween or whatever.

You can also try a variation of the hunt. A great one is to make the hunt a video scavenger hunt. Each squad starts out with a video camera in hand (or a cell phone with a camera or whatever) and shoots the items instead of taking them with them. This is really cool because it can make the item list include really big things and potentially scary things like tombstones. For an additional variant, you can make the list exclusively things like: Superman, a clown, a pirate, a fairy princess, a werewolf, a vampire, etc. That would mean adult Halloween games would admit kids through video recording of those in trick-or-treating.

Halloween Fortune Telling – In this game, your guests test their knowledge and get to know each other better.

Simply hand out pieces of paper and a pencil to each guest. Then each person selects a person at the party (maybe even themselves), but doesn’t tell anyone who they are. Then everyone writes a “fortune” for that person, folds it, and puts it in the fish tank. You can let everyone write one or more; that depends on you.

And then each guest takes out a sheet of paper and reads the fortune. Then try to guess which person made the fortune and who the fortune is about.

Some examples of fortunes could be:

“This person will be arrested doing something illegal and will spend the night in jail.”

“This person will marry someone from a foreign country.”

“This person will quit his job and buy a Corvette when he turns fifty.”

“This person will adopt a young man.”

“This person will become the PTA president.”

You get the idea. Every person who guesses correctly wins a humble prize, and this game is a delicious way to start conversations at your Halloween party.

A really cool variation on this game is to let each guest put their name on a piece of paper and put it in the bowl. And then have each guest draw a name from the bowl and have the one who drew the name make up a scary story about the name drawn. Then ask the other guest to guess who the scary story is about.

As you may discover, adult games can be a lot of fun and the types of games can be endless. It only takes miniscule planning to create Halloween games for adults.

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