Your bedroom is where you start and end your day, so it should be the most relaxing, comfortable and welcoming room in your home. However, it is often the last decorated and most neglected room in the home. Sometimes it is never decorated at all and is cluttered with piles of clothing, toiletries, and reading material. Waking up in a messy room can be stressful and is certainly not the way you want to start your day.

If you want your bedroom to be a relaxing and peaceful haven, following these clutter-clearing tips can help you achieve the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of:

Furniture surfaces:

Try to keep your nightstands and vanity surfaces free of unnecessary items. Ideally, your nightstand will have a book or magazine, clock, small radio / CD player, journal and pen, TV remote, and perhaps a small pitcher of water and drinking glass. Keep at least one drawer, if you have one, for reading materials and other items you don’t regularly use.


If you like having a television in your bedroom and having the space, consider purchasing a television cabinet or cabinet so that you can close the doors when you are not using it. You can also use some of the cabinet space for CDs, DVDs, and even books and other bedroom-related items.

Basket case:

Keep a basket in the bedroom or nearby bathroom. Use daily and empty weekly or more often. Avoid using a bench or chair for your clothes; Unless you are disciplined enough to go through your laundry pile on a weekly basis.


Check your clothes every 3 months or so to purge and donate items you no longer use, and purchase closet organizers to maximize space. To keep order, keep a box or container of “Donate” and “To repair” in the closet.


Avoid placing all your perfumes and toiletries on top of your dresser or trunk. If you have space, store your toiletries in the bathroom, or if you have a drawer or shelf in the bedroom, cover it with a nice shelf liner and store your toiletries out of sight, but in a convenient space.

Finally, avoid using the bedroom for tasks unrelated to sleeping, dressing, or relaxing. For example, unless your bedroom is equipped with office space, the papers do not belong in the bedroom. Try creating another space in your home for work-related tasks.

When the clutter clears, paint and beautify your room to make it a relaxing oasis and a space you love to be in.

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