In my life I have received and given hundreds of massages. While this does not make me a massage expert, there are a few things I have learned over the years about the subtle exchange of energy that occurs before, during, and after a treatment. As a practicing psychic who loves to work with the body, I am very particular about who works with me. When choosing a masseuse, I want them to have a conscious presence. I am grateful to a therapist with the conscious intention that massage be positive, healing, relaxing, and therapeutic. I know that in addition to the physical touch, there is a transfer of energy that occurs during a session. I want this energy exchange to be positive. It is important to me to choose a massage therapist that I trust to maintain a “sacred space” so that I can relax and release any tension or stress and feel safe at the table. I learned this insight after experiencing some massages that negatively impacted me and left me feeling drained.

Some masseurs are more intuitive than others and can “read” the needs of my body and my emotional state even before talking to them. Other masseurs are doing their job, giving a massage, but it is from a much more distant and automatic place. Their heart may not be in it or they may not have developed the extra sensitivity to intuit what I need. Unfortunately, some other body workers may also have an agenda of their own that detracts from the healing nature of a massage. My goal when I receive a massage is to let go and open myself to the experience, so that I can relax and go deep inside to receive the healing transmission. I am not at the table to teach, entertain, stimulate, or please my therapist. When I book a massage it is because I feel exhausted, tense or in pain and I want to relax. That is why it is important that I select a therapist who suits me well.

Many masseurs are quite psychic and receive intuitive messages, images and the causes of pain in the client’s body. They may become aware of an old car accident or injury while quietly working with the client. This ability to psychically “read” the client’s energy field can develop over time. As a masseur for many years, I noticed that my intuition grew stronger as I risked sharing small bits of information that I received while working on the client’s body. Some massages are done in silence or with soft music. There is a grace that occurs in stillness and tranquility. When I was open and listening to messages from the client’s body, I learned about their emotional and spiritual needs, as well as the pain and stress needs of their body. I studied energy work and learned how to direct a universal healing energy source, along with the therapeutic muscle touch when giving massages. This combination of healing energy and therapeutic touch produced a positive effect for clients.

This subtle exchange of energy before, during and after a massage can make the difference between feeling refreshed and relaxed from a positive exchange, or exhausted and victimized by a negative exchange. Choose your masseuse carefully. Rather than basing your selection on credentials alone, tune in to your intuitive feeling about the person and whether or not it is a vibrational “match” for you. A massage can be a holy, holy gift that energizes and heals on deep levels. Choose wisely.

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