June 16, 2024

Grapple trucks have been profitable for many companies that need versatile equipment to lift heavy materials. A grapple truck is a truck with an attached boom that has a powerful hydraulic arm that is maneuvered with a joystick-like controller. This piece of equipment is designed for heavy-duty applications and is ready for extreme use. Here are some facts about grapple trucks that everyone should know.

Every part has a purpose

Each of the grapple truck parts is specially designed to meet certain operational demands.

  • cylinders – They are generally designed to accommodate any machine operating pressure. With larger grapple models, the bushings have the ability to self-align, the bolt-on head is designed for cost-effective maintenance; and heavy duty models have a standard block valve.
  • rotators – With some models, the rotator is completely sealed and can be side loaded. On other models, additional ports are available for use with the saw or other replaceable accessories. The rotators are designed with a full 360 degree continuous rotation. Many models are matched to equipment capacity and have operational requirements for both uptime and maximum life.
  • Pine trees – These are designed without adding weight but contribute to the structural integrity of the grapple. Most pins are made from heat treated chrome. They also have a security lock system. For oversized pins, they are usually mounted on bronze bushings to reduce maintenance cost.

utility truck body

Most companies select utility trucks and choose the right body and tools to fit their needs. They usually choose removable magazines and use them when necessary. Utility trucks have been very useful for flood cleanup, construction, and forestry work; They are used by businesses to save labor costs.

Training in Operational Safety

As with any piece of equipment, only trained personnel should be allowed to operate this powerful truck. Companies are responsible for proper safety training which is very vital for efficiency and safety in performing all work. There are things an operator should know about grapple truck operation such as: hose breaks; leak prevention; hold the load of a cylinder; boom safety alarms; and many more. Some manufacturers offer multiple training methods, including video, on-site, or online training, as well as the user manual.

key features

When purchasing a grapple truck, there are key features to consider when selecting the correct grapple attachments. The first thing to consider is its durability: pin and bushing configurations should be thoroughly checked, as well as the quality of the welds and wear resistance of the pin tips. Another key feature to consider is speed, as the grippers must have a fast cycle time; this is critical to any production efficiency. The rotators and hydraulic system should also be thoroughly examined.

Product maintenance and support are also important features for the protection of the equipment and the purchasing company. Available maintenance will allow the owner to keep the equipment in good condition. Product support is very helpful when a part breaks down. The close availability of a service center would allow quick replacement of any broken parts and quick return of the vehicle to service.

It will always be important to know the relevant facts about grapple trucks to enable the right selection decisions to be made. Hopefully this article has provided those important facts to enable the right decision to be made for any particular business need!

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