Web Proxies are becoming very popular these days among countries like China, Iran, and the US, just to name a few. One of the main purposes of web proxy servers is to protect your identity by remaining anonymous while browsing online. While web proxy servers are created with good reason to be put to good use, there are also people who abuse web proxy servers by visiting illegal websites or making online purchases through fake or stolen credit cards.

These practices are approved by law in most countries, resulting in a ban on web proxies. There is a general consensus that the use of a web proxy for illegal purposes and with malicious intent is prohibited. However, it is also true that there are many people who use proxies with good intentions to bypass firewalls. For example, Iran, Turkey, and certain countries block their country’s access to blogging websites such as WordPress, Blogspot, and Youtube. Should we limit the freedom of people to do what they want considering that it is absolutely ethical to write a blog about their own lifestyle? Because of this, many have resorted to using a web proxy to bypass firewalls.

There were times when China blocked access to the Google search engine. Anyone who searches on Google will automatically be redirected to Baidu, which is its own search engine. Such action limits people’s freedom, not to mention entrepreneurs who work in China and need access to Google. That’s a good reason to use well-intentioned web proxies.

The other legitimate use of a web proxy is to use it to browse online without exposing your identity. There are websites that track to see which country a visitor is coming from. This data is used for your own market research. Consumers may not like being tracked, leading to the use of a web proxy to browse online in privacy, which is very attractive. Parents who dislike having their children’s identity exposed would encourage them to use a web proxy to navigate privacy online. This gives parents the assurance that their children are safe while browsing online.

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