June 17, 2024

  1. The Baby Bullet – A great gift for both girls and boys. This device makes preparing your own baby food a breeze and we all want dinner time to be easier.
  2. Baby beanbags for babies. Make sure you choose one that is safe for babies. These are a great way for mom to move the baby around the house while she does what she needs to do.
  3. Wall prints are a wonderful addition to a baby’s nursery. They come in many different styles, from animals to pirates, from letters to poems. On Etsy you can find great wall prints for kids almost anywhere in the world.
  4. Wooden height chart, made of blackboard so you can record your child’s progress as he grows. I know that even now I love looking back at my stats from when I was a baby and I’m sure your special package will too.
  5. Hooded cover for the breastfeeding mom, they are available in a great variety of prints and colors to fit the perfect baby.
  6. Consider a more practical gift, if the baby is born in the colder months, get a womble or a sleeping wrap to make him feel secure, a baby monitor, a fancy diaper bag and squishy toys are also a nice keepsake.
  7. Baby shoosher: this device emits a rhythmic sound to keep baby calm.
  8. The Kids Sock Slippers Set is a super cute way to wear shoes, when it’s really just socks. Suitable up to 6 months.
  9. Books. I feel like a perfect gift for a baby is a book. Boys tend not to be as literate for reading as girls and the earlier you start, the more their love for reading grows. The love of reading leads to the love of learning, and with learning they can achieve anything. Pick a great book with a truck, bike, or animal theme.
  10. By far my favorite baby shower gift for boys is a gift basket. Why do I love gift baskets so much? Because you can put as much or as little as you want in them. Think of a basket filled with the baby shoe rack, children’s sock booties, diaper cream, wet wipes, a special moisturizer for mom, some children’s books, baby blankets, a height chart. I know this is getting expensive, but it’s getting expensive for Mom and Dad too, and you’d be surprised how much those practical little gifts really help.

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