Any Cleaning Services Provided For the Student Accommodation in Cambridge

As students move out of their Cambridge student accommodation at the end of the term, it is a great opportunity for them to deep clean their rooms. This is essential if they want to get their deposit back, and also ensures that the new tenants will find their property in pristine condition.

The most common areas to focus on when deep cleaning a student home are the kitchen, living room and bedroom. These are the most used areas in any home, so it’s important to thoroughly clean them to leave them in good condition for the new students who will be moving in.

While it isn’t possible to completely eradicate every trace of previous inhabitants, it is possible to make a huge difference to the cleanliness of these areas, and a properly cleaned student home will look much more appealing than one that has been neglected. In order to fully clean a student home, it is important that residents take the time to declutter and clear out any items that they no longer use, such as old textbooks or clothes. It is also a good idea to wipe down the cupboards and surfaces, including underneath and behind them.

Are There Any Cleaning Services Provided For the Student Accommodation in Cambridge?

Students should also remember to clean all areas of their student home that they will be using regularly, such as the bathroom and kitchen. It is recommended that these areas are cleaned at least twice a week to keep them looking tidy and fresh. It is also a good idea to clean all appliances and electrical equipment in the kitchen, such as the oven, washing machine and dishwasher. Students should also be sure to dispose of any rubbish properly, by either putting it in the bin or on the communal bins.

The diverse range of student accommodation options available today reflects the evolving needs and preferences of students. From traditional dormitories to shared apartments, homestays, purpose-built student accommodations, off-campus rentals, and co-living spaces, each option offers unique benefits and experiences.

Castle Street offers stylish student studios that have been designed with their wellbeing in mind, a short walk from the University of Cambridge and right in the heart of town. Whether you choose the deluxe studio or the slightly larger deluxe plus studio, these apartments will provide all the essentials for your student life in Cambridge. All bills and Wi-Fi are included in the all-inclusive rent, and there are plenty of stunning communal spaces to relax in, including a large conservatory complete with pool table and tennis table. You can also enjoy the city centre and its many parks, markets and restaurants, all within walking distance of your student apartment. This makes Castle Street the ideal place to live in Cambridge for both first years and returning students.

In conclusion, Cambridge student accommodation generally provides maintenance contacts for repairs. To find the specific contact information, refer to the welcome pack or handbook provided by your accommodation provider. If you are unable to locate the details, reach out to your provider directly for assistance. Remember to follow the guidelines provided by your accommodation provider when reporting maintenance issues, and provide clear and accurate information to expedite the resolution process. By taking prompt action and communicating effectively, you can ensure a comfortable living experience in your student accommodation in Cambridge.

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