If you are ready to find out who your soulmate is, cast this spell and he or she will appear to you in a dream. This spell should be done just before going to bed.

Will need:

3 almonds

3 grapes

A square of red cloth large enough to hold the almonds and raisins.

a red candle

milk (or almond milk)


Now, draw your circle and light the candle. Contemplate the flame until you begin to feel peaceful and meditative.

Hold the almonds and raisins in your hands and visualize meeting your soulmate. Do not focus on the person of her, but on the feelings that you will feel once you are with her. Will you feel safe and protected? Will you be full of emotion? Will you be cheerful and full of laughter? Perhaps all of the above. Keep this feeling in your heart and sing:

“Spirits of union, angels of love,

Bring me a vision tonight

Let me see, inside my dream

My soul mate, when the time is right

So be it”

Now place the almonds and raisins on the red cloth and fold it over them. Blow out the candle and close the circle. Drink the milk with a teaspoon of honey (the milk can be heated if you wish). Just before going to sleep, place the red cloth with the almonds and pass them under your pillow, with the intention of dreaming of your soul mate.

He or she will appear to you in your dreams. Note: If you find it difficult to remember her dreams, he may want to practice dream recall for a week or more before performing this spell. To do this, keep a journal next to your bed. As soon as you wake up, lie still and try to remember all your dreams. Write them down as soon as you remember them all. With practice, you will be able to remember more and more.

Diana and Aradia

There appear to be 4 ‘Aradia’: Queen of the Witches (daughter of Diana and Lucifer) a Holy Woman or female Christ figure who lived in 14th century Italy and taught Witchcraft the subject of Leland’s book and known as Herodias according to the Bible , was responsible for the beheading of John the Baptist. Diana is seen as the Roman goddess of light, the goddess of the moon, the queen of the sky, the lunar virgin (note that to the Romans, the word ‘virgin’ meant a woman who had never been married or pregnant, not a woman who had never had sex).

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