Disney Imagineer John Hench was quoted in a book on guest service as saying, “What is
our formula for success? It is the attention to the infinite details, the little things, the small, minor, finicky.
points that others just don’t want to take the time, money or effort to do.

Attention to infinite detail, to the little things that others do not want to do. Hmm…

If you think those things don’t add up to much, consider these “minor” points:

o Add a space to the word extraordinary and it becomes extraordinary. I think most of us
would prefer to eliminate space and provide extraordinary service, which would lead to
extraordinary amounts of money.

o Vijay Singh, professional golfer, shot 0.9 shots per round (yes, less than 1 shot per day)
better than No. 10 golfer Stewart Cink. Vijay took home over $10 million while Cink took home
house only $4.4 million.
And finally,

o In 2003, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France by 61 seconds, a “comfortable”
margin. However, during the 2,082-mile race, he averaged just 0.03 seconds per
mile better than the second classified. Just three hundredths of a second per mile
it was the difference between fame and the “first loser”.

So the next time you feel happy suggestive selling to 50 percent of the guests or
your order times in the kitchen or at the self-service start to increase, think about the exponential
impact it has on your productivity, sales and profits.

Back when I had a “real” job as vice president of field support for Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza, one of
people I worked with called me a “bottomless pit of wants and needs” as it seemed
there was always something else we were trying to get out of people.

Since most of us would prefer to be remembered as Lance Armstrong and not as someone whom
can’t remember (for example, the second-place finisher), take the time to go the extra mile to
Get those extra seconds. Make that extra investment or step to excellence that your
the competitor is too lazy or too cheap to take. After all, Lance Armstrong told his little boy
when asked what his job was, “my job is to make the competition suffer.” focus on the
Minor points, infinite detail, little things and make the competition suffer!

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